Negotiating Natural Resource Agreements

Petersen Consulting has worked for both industry and First Nations to negotiate and create successful and sustainable working relationships.  These negotiations are typically on mining, forestry and hydroelectric projects.

We have negotiated dozens of Impact Benefit Agreements, Exploration Accommodation Agreements and Long Term Forestry Agreements, collectively called Industry Agreements.

Our team does not just negotiate Industry Agreements. We assist in the formulation and implementation to ensure that all parties to the agreement obtain mutual benefit.

There is no cookie cutter approach to negotiating and authoring Industry Agreements. Each Industry Agreement will be as unique as the profile, priorities and objectives of each First Nation and resource company involved.

By having experience working for both First Nations and industry, we can successfully negotiate the differences.

As part of the journey of negotiating and implementing Industry Agreements, we can provide the following services:

  • Workshops to explain the potential content of Industry Agreements and what issues are important. We will also provide real examples of various business contracting models that have been used in Industry Agreements such as competitive set aside, open book negotiations and competitive contracts.
  • Revenue sharing options
  • Template joint venture agreements